Information on DivX

As opposed to other video formats, high-quality DivX® movies can be viewed on a PC, Mac or any DivX Certified® device, including DVD and Blu-ray players, portable players and even the PlayStation®3.

DivX Player download
for PC:
for Mac:

How this works:

Enjoying DivX movies is easy! Buy the desired movie, download the DivX software and hit play. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the DivX movie you wish to buy. 
  2. Download the DivX Player and create a DivX account.
  3. After purchasing the movie, start the .tix file in the DivX Player to start the download. 
  4. Hit play to watch the downloaded movie on your PC or Mac. For any future playback of the movie, an internet connection will be required for a short period of time to confirm your licence. 
  5.  You need to register once to also be able to watch the movie on a different DivX Certified device.
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