What is the “pronunciation coach”?


The microphone symbol in your course respresents the pronunciation coach which is available with all language learning videos. This exercise helps to improve your pronunciation and stressing pattern of a foreign language.

The papagei.com pronunciation coach uses the mircrophone of your system. Make sure your mircrophone is ok and correctly connected to your system.

We recommend you to use a headset since this normally provides better audio recognition than the  microphone built into your PC/laptop or your mobile phone.

Depending from your device and browser settings the mircrophone usage may be blocked.

You need to allow your device or browser to access your microphone - this can be checked in the settings section of your device or browser. Please also make sure the correct mircrophone is selected.

This his how to give your browser access to your system's mircrophone:

If you are using another browser please check how to grant access to your mircrophone in the help section of your browser.


How to train your pronunciation skills

After you allowed your browser access please open a pronunciation exercise of a video of your choice by clicking the microphone symbol at the top navigation.


To listen to the correct pronunciation of the sentence just click the play button.


To start the exercise, click on the “record” button.

When the microphone is active - it glows red then - read the sentences displayed in a normal speed, clear and aloud. Please try to hold the level shown in the volume meter within a green range to grant a good evaluation of your speaking.


When you finished reading, click the "check"-button and the system will immediately evaluate your pronunciation and will prompt you an feedback.


To listen to what you have just read out just click on the repeat button on the far right.

You may repeat the exercise as often as you like, or proceed by choosing another exercise from the navigation bar at the top.


In case you have any further questions or are in need of any assistance, please feel free to contact the papagei.com Service Team - we are happy to help you.

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