What is the Vocab Coach?


In every training and in your personal dashboard area, you have access to an interactive vocab coach you can use to round out your word power.

The vocab coach works like a digital card index box: Vocabulary words that you have learnt move from the first to the last box – step by step – and into your long-term memory.

You find your vocab coach under “Tips & Tools” in the overview of your papagei.com learning environment or directly within your course by clicking on the “index card” symbol.


Vocab Coach in your course

Start you vocabulary training by clicking on the blue button.

You are shown 10 words from your vocabulary list that you can practice step by step. First, you see only one half of the card and can decide whether you know the translation before revealing the other half. Use the button “Show translation” to flip through the cards.

Have you memorized all 10 words? The test mode helps you now to check your learning progress. Decide whether you know the translation and type the correct translation into the empty field. Click on “Check” to see if you have memorized the word correctly.

You have 2 attempts to enter the correct translation. In case you don’t know the translation of a word, you get to the next word by clicking on “I don’t know, skip”. The cards you have successfully learnt in the Test mode move on to the next box. Words entered incorrectly or words you didn’t know fall back into the previous box.

When you have practiced and checked all 10 words, you get back to the overview of your vocab coach: At the top of the window, you can see how many words are now in which box and how many have moved on to another box.

You can also adapt your vocabulary list, delete individual or all words from the boxes and download your vocabulary list as a file for offline learning: To get to these features, click on the “pencil” symbol to the right of the boxes.


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