Network Configurations – Run behind a Firewall


With most network configurations, calling up the website is possible without any problems. In case you use a network protected by a firewall, please observe the following information.

To use the language learning products by in your network, your browser client must be able to access several required ports and domains.

Normally required:  *

In individual cases, you will additionally require:

  •          *
  •          *
  •          *

These are exclusively domains from the company Brightcove, our partner in the field of video hosting.

Please note that specific IP addresses are not available as they can change anytime without advance notice. Moreover, this list can change if new features are added or existing features changed.


Ports that Must Be Opened in the Firewall

If the network router connected to your computer limits the access to the internet with a firewall or security software, contact the network administrator and refer to this article.

Activate port forwarding for the following ports to use the learning software in a limited network.


  Video Pronunciation
RMTP Port 1935   X
RMTP Port 80   X
RMTP Port 443   X
80 (TCP) X  
443 (TCP) X  


Further information regarding the configuration of port forwarding for network administrators can be found in the documentation of the router, the firewall or the security software.

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