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Now we are going to show you how to efficiently learn languages with papagei.com. You can use all our video language courses on desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Our video and exercise player offers you special applications for language learning.

To begin with: If you have any questions, click on the question mark in the upper section of the page. It leads you directly to our help center where you can find videos and articles matching your questions. In case you can’t find an answer to your question, feel free to send us a written request. We will get back to you and, based on our experience, quickly provide you with a solution.


From logging in to your language learning package

To get to your training environment “My papagei”, log in on www.papagei.com.

To do this, click on “Login”. Now enter the email address you have already used for signing up and confirm it with your password.

The training environment is your personal learning space.

You find the dashboard in the upper section. From here, you can access your products, your learning tools and your profile . You can complete your profile information, select your learning tools and look at your learning success in the calendar overview.

In the center, you find your learning packages.


Practice with papagei.com

Choose your learning package. Now you get to a unit overview, organized by topic, or with smaller learning packages to the training overview with the video still preview.

Take a look at the icons above the images. Moving the cursor over them enlarges the small circle, and your activities regarding this learning content are highlighted in the circle in a different color. At any time, you can see how much you have already completed. Based on the European Framework of Reference, the level of difficulty for the respective learning content is shown as well.

The navigation bar shows you the unit level you are on and the learning phases.

These depend on your learning package and consist, apart from the videos, of pronunciation exercises, interactive grammar exercises, tests or digital reference texts and your vocab coach.

All exercises and tests refer to the respective video. By repeatedly watching the clip, your listening and reading comprehensions improve. From a didactic point of view, this is the precondition to improve your language comprehension.

From the training overview, you can go to another learning phase at any time.


Working with the video player

After clicking on the video still preview, the video starts loading.

You can close the video at any moment by clicking in the right upper corner and go back to the video overview of the respective unit.

In the video player, you find the navigation at the bottom edge and the language learning functionalities on the left.

When the video is running, please move the cursor out of the active field of the player to hide the control elements.

We recommend displaying the in-screen subtitles when watching the video for the first time. This way, you can easily watch the video while reading the subtitles – in your mother tongue or in the language you are learning. 

You are interested in all meanings and translations of a specific word? By clicking on a word in the subtitles, you open the integrated dictionary that shows you the meanings of the selected word.

If you want to completely embrace the language’s intonation, click on the loop to repeat the sentence.

Activate the automatic pause at the end of each sentence to review what is said sentence by sentence.

The turtle reduces the speech rate and makes all sentences comprehensible even when spoken quickly.

All important words from the video can be directly sent to your vocab coach.


Your interactive vocabulary training

By clicking on one word in the subtitles, your digital dictionary opens up. You can listen to the word’s pronunciation and add it to your vocabulary list by clicking the “plus” button.

papagei’s editorial team has chosen the most important words of each video. You can add them to your list by clicking on the vocabulary button.

You can go to your individual vocab coach anytime via the icon at the far right in the learning path or via the learning tools in the dashboard.

The vocab coach follows the index card system. Step by step, the words you have learnt go to the next box and will be saved in your long-term memory.

You start with the “Training” where you see the words in your mother tongue and the language you are learning. By clicking on “Next card”, you flip through the words. The “Test” now tests you on your vocab knowledge by only showing you the original word. Did you know the translation? Click on the icon to display the translation. In case you were right and confirm this, the word moves to the next box.

You can close the vocab coach in the right upper corner.


The digital pronunciation coach

The microphone icon (or “sign”) represents your digital pronunciation coach. To be able to use it, please activate the microphone of your computer or laptop. You might need to check the port on your device. At the beginning, you will be prompted to allow access to your microphone. 

You can start the recording by clicking on the microphone icon to the left of the volume indicator. A red-colored microphone signals that the coach is ready for use. Now repeat aloud the sentence displayed on the screen.

After you have read a sentence aloud, click on "evaluate" and you will receive feedback and may continue.


Interactive exercises and tests

The dumb-bell represents interactive exercises. These exercises are context-sensitive which means that their content is based on the video. Different exercise types practice reading or listening comprehensions as well as grammar, for example with multiple or single choice questions, sentence building or cloze tests.

You can open and close the exercises just as you open and close the videos. Your learning results are displayed immediately and saved in your activity calendar.


Digital reference texts

For some courses, the "open book"-icon in the navigation bar shows you digital reference texts covering different grammar topics and rules of the language you are learning.


Thank you for your attention and we wish you the best of success with language learning at papagei.com.


In case you have any further questions or are in need of any assistance, please feel free to contact the papagei.com Service Team - we are happy to help you.

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