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This video will demonstrate how best to learn a new language using our app.

The first step is to download the app.

Register a new account or use your existing account information to log in.

Get the papagei.com App here: 

papagei.com App



After opening your learning course, locate the unit overview.

Next, open the first unit and select the video you’d like to watch first.

Your language-learning environment will launch.

The papagei video player provides you with an overview of your entire learning path.

This learning path features all learning phases to help you successfully master a new language.

  • The video with subtitles
  • An interactive vocab coach
  • The online pronunciation coach
  • Interactive exercises and tests plus feedback

When viewing for the first time, subtitles will help you to understand in your native language.

Learning tools are located on the left. These functions can help you to learn along with the videos.

A list of the most important vocabulary for every video is just one example. Quickly and easily add words to your vocab list.

After watching for the first time, watch the video a second time but with the subtitles in your target language. Improve your ability to read the new language at the same time.

The third time you watch, view with both subtitles simultaneously to familiarize yourself with the differences in sentence structure.

Next, train new vocabulary words with the vocab coach. Learn the correct spelling and retain the words in your long-term memory.

Now it’s time for the pronunciation coach.

Repeat the displayed sentences and receive immediate, precise feedback for each spoken word. Smileys will underscore how well your pronunciation is coming along.

By actually speaking, you’ll improve your language retention.

Afterwards, a variety of exercises and tests await.

The combination of seeing, hearing, and speaking will create strong associations in your mind that will help to make learning especially easy.

Once you have completed all the exercises and tests, move on to the next video.

By the way, all activities are individually measured. An overview of your learning success is available in the “activity” menu outside of the video player environment.

Receive an overview of your personal progress so you can better target your learning.


For further information, please feel free to contact our papagei.com Support Team.


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